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              AddChangle South Village Park Venture Road No. two
              Tel+8618365613888(Mr. Zhu)
              Tel+8615163686309(Mr. Qin)
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              Weifang Xinzhou Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Formerly known as Weifang Xinzhou Pellets Granulat Co., Ltd) is established in 2006, located in the Capital of Sapphire -Changle County of Shandong Province. The company has registered capital of RMB10,000,000 Yuan and covers an area of 20,000 square meter. We focus on R&D and manufacturing of encapsulated gel breaker, granulating and coating of sustained-release additives applied in oil and other industries. Also we are engaged in oilfield chemicals and fine chemicals trading business by self-owned trading company. The company is certified by ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001 Environment Management System Certification and OHSAS18001 Occupational Health Safety Management Certification. Besides this, we cooperate with major scientific research institution, such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, China University of Petroleum, Yangtze University and CNPC Exploration and Research Institute to ensure stable quality and leading performance. Customers across the country and regions like Russia, America, Canada, Middle East, Middle Asia and South America, etc. Sustainable and stable partnership were built and maintained with many large enterprises like CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC, Baker Hughes, Schlumberger and Weatherford. We look forward to setting up long lasting and steady cooperation with each customer by reliable quality and excellent service.

              Company Philosophy
              Human Oriented, Innovation Sought, Customer Valued, Cooperation Mutually Benefited.

              Main Products
              1. Encapsulated Gel Breaker for Water-based Fracturing
              Ammonium Persulfate Encapsulated Gel Breaker
              Potassium Persulfate Encapsulated Gel Breaker
              Sodium Bromate Encapsulated Gel Breaker
              Other Capsule Core Encapsulated Gel Breakers
              2. Sustained-Release Acid Capsule for Fracturing and Acidizing
              Sodium Fluoborate Sustained-Release Capsule
              Citric Acid Sustained-Release Capsule
              Other Core Sustained-Release Capsules
              3. Granulating and Coating of other Sustained-Release Additives
              4. Oilfield Chemicals Trading Business
              5. Fine Chemicals Trading Business

              Service Advantages
              We supply the most satisfying service by excellent quality but lower price by our own manufacturing. We provide customized solutions to solve clients' technology difficulties by a professional technical research team and cooperating authoritative research institution.

              Leading Technologies
              Our gel breaker has preferable sustained-release properties. The fracturing fluid maintains very high viscosity during process; this will help the fracturing and sand carrying. And completely gel breaking after fracturing will help to flowback, lower down the risk of fracturing and reduce the damage to the fracturing gap.
              Moreover, the company created the patented technology of crystal granulating. This technology solved problems like irregular shape, low coating rate or low compressive performance of crystal. Meanwhile, the hardness, temperature, pressure and shear resistance are enhanced by using of patent formula during granulating process.       
              The company possesses 3 sets of crystal granulating and pelleting lines, 1 set of drying line, 5 sets of coating lines and 1 set of 5kg pilot coating line, the production capacity is up to 2000MT. We are the largest professional encapsulated gel breaker and sustained-releasing additives capsule manufacturer in China.

              Copy 2013-2014  Weifang Xinzhou Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.  all rights reserved  ;Address: Shandong Changle South South Village Park Venture Road No. two 
              Tel+860536-6735577   Fax+860536-6735577   Phone+8618365613888(Manager Zhu)   Phone+8615163686309(Qin Manager)    E-mailzhuqiangmail@163.com    Webwww.ittlemutt.com 

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