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              Breaker manufacturers analyze the pollution characteristics of residual fracturing fluid

              添加時間:2013/12/30 | 文章錄入:原創 | 文章來源:本站

              Breaker manufacturers analyze the contamination characteristics of residual fracturing, to raise the level of human life, and the environment is constantly in pollution, followed by our professional analysis of pollutionproducts can have what method to environmental protection.

              The residual fracturing fluid fracturing liquid discharged containing guanidine gum, bactericide, oil and otheradditives, if not treated outside row, will cause serious pollution to the surrounding environment 1.

              Many additives make the fracturing fluid with high COD, high stability, high viscosity and other characteristics(2).

              Potassium persulfate (Wuhan Jiangbei Chemical Reagent Co., Ltd., the mass fraction of more than 98%);potassium dichromate (Wuhan Zhongnan chemical reagent factory, pure analysis); sodium hypochlorite (Yidu Zhicheng Chemical Reagent Co., Ltd., pure analysis);

              JPC (Jingmen Jianghan Petroleum Technology Development Co., Ltd., industrial products); poly aluminum(Jingzhou Tianhe chemicals company, industrial products); polyacrylamide (Shengli oil field, relative molecular mass of about 5000000);

              H2O2, FeSO4 - 7H2O (Wuhan Jiangbei Chemical Reagent Co., AR) before treatment of the residual fracturing fluid mainly by digging landfill, incineration and other curing method,

              But the landfill has serious environmental pollution hazard, curing method of high cost and complicated operation, incineration process is complicated and the serious air pollution in 3. With the increasingly stringent emission standards,

              At present the main combination of flocculation, oxidation, adsorption and biological treatment of fracturing fluid, this technology in China has been a hot research in 3. The residual fracturing fluid in Shengli Oilfield as the research object,

              The gel breaking coagulation depth oxidation treatment of residual fracturing fluid, the method is simple, the pollutant removal is thorough, the treatment effect is good.

              Analysis of residual fracturing fluid pollution characteristics, the residual fracturing fluid in Shengli Oilfield forwater-based systems, including thickener guar gum, aldehyde bactericide, surfactant additive, clay stabilizerand other organic matter. The residual fracturing fluid appearance yellow,

              There is a strong pungent smell, high viscosity, no obvious oil slick. The main pollutants of residual fracturing fluid in Shengli oil field is COD, the turbidity and suspended solids content was high,

              This is due to the residual fracturing fluid flowback may bring out the formation of clay particles and the polymeritself has a residue. In addition, the content of oil and chloride ions is relatively high


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