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              The pipe delving into the super 13 chromium tubing acidizing techniques overcome problems

              添加時間:2013/12/30 | 文章錄入:原創 | 文章來源:本站

              After a little more than 6 months of decomposition and combination experiments, and repeated evaluationselection, group study of domestic pipe primary victory developed TG201 super 13 chromium specialacidification inhibitor, effective treatment of the super 13 chromium tubing acidification problem oil consumptionskills. Recently, the west east gas pipeline oil established by the Ministry of names came to appreciate theletter, the inhibitor practical consequences are satisfied.

              Acidizing technology is one of the effective means to improve the production of oil and gas. A key skill in the process of the clay stabilizer is in acidizing formation at the same time, low temperature acid erosion protectionof oil casing, and equipment. Super 13 tubes have good resistance to chromium on erosion medium, but thelow temperature erosion to absolute weak medium acidification.

              As soon as the effective treatment of Tarim Dina gas field super 13 chromium tubing corrosion problem of low temperature, the researchers pipes have targeted and timely carried out scientific research. In various studiesat home and abroad, summarizes the previous low temperature acidification task acidulate corrosion inhibitorresearch experience and access to a large number of related research literature materials, basically, acidulate corrosion inhibitor researchers carried out a profound study on the electrochemical super 13 chromium materialin acid environment of erosion characteristics, puts forward the multi molecular layer adsorption acidulate corrosion inhibitor the practical application of export model, low temperature and low pressure erosionexperiment imitate installation, after repeated experiments, the evaluation and selection, finally developed withspecial oil field acidification corrosion inhibitor technique request.

              The past three or four months, for the west east gas and Tarim Oilfield establish close cooperation in the domestic part of the project, the first successful implementation of acidification operation to take 13 super twonatural gas pipe chromium, satisfied the consequences. Acidizing oil wells has indicated that follow-up will inherit rely on the product.


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