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              Natural gas in Northeast oil and Gas Institute 50 years on record

              添加時間:2013/12/30 | 文章錄入:原創 | 文章來源:本站

              In 50 years, natural gas in oil and gas field research institute has been broaden skills category, skill level has been rising, natural gas development China oil natural gas chemical technology development and use in Northeast oil field construction has made due contribution. The hospital party secretary Cao Fuxiao said: "in 50 years, the day has been carrying 'research in science and technology is the first consumer force' banner,stubborn work hard, painstaking research, more results, more talent, provides strong support for thetechniques of Sichuan Chongqing oil and gas in Xinglong, Xinglong." President Huang Fuxiao is in "fourexclusive skills of service of oil and gas field in Sichuan and Chongqing inferior" words, to evaluate thededication day research institute.

              Analyze the test techniques of Sichuan Chongqing oil and gas service to national leading natural gas

              The first day of study room, in addition to a variety of equipment world class analysis instrument, also gathered a group of world-famous natural gas analysis and testing skills of experts.

              This is a very professional natural gas analysis test team, international organization for StandardizationTechnique Committee ISO natural gas / TC 193 domestic units, the national natural gas skills centralizedstandardized techniques (SAC / TC 244) Committee Secretariat, the petroleum industry of natural gas qualitymonitoring test of acidizing corrosion inhibitor are central located here. The first laboratory has developed GB 17820, GB 18047 and GB 13610 / T 22 natural gas national standards, establish China's natural gas analysistest technique specification system. These accomplishments established day Research Institute in the domesticnatural gas standard category leading position.

              It is such a team, is fighting the main battlefield in Sichuan and Chongqing oil and gas development. Guang'an gas field, Luojiazhai gas field, Longgang gas field, west east gas pipeline project, everywhere left their shadow.In recent years, the Northeast oil and gas company with natural gas development efforts, the new site has beenwell completion. Where is the open wells obligations, the team took the analysis instrument came where, in a timely manner to the natural gas sampling, analysis, in the first time for the company supplies each wells naturalgas composition data.

              In previous years, the team returned to Longgang in the start or perform inspection duties, mid autumn season,winter has yet to return. They were wearing a thin unlined, braved the cold and rain, which in the field sampling,analysis, and 10 well in the field, ushered in the Mid Autumn Festival, also bid farewell to National Day, even the start of a bright white signal served by the sun and rain pale. This is just a microcosm of their mission. A few years like a day running in the Szechwan, their obligations between high mountains and lofty hills, normal.

              The natural gas pollution in Sichuan and Chongqing unique technical services for domestic oil and gas fields

              In 1975, Sichuan Petroleum Administration Bureau said at a Wolong River desulfurization plant introduction,shows the day Research Institute on Desulfurization Technology in the field of skill.

              The meeting place in Beijing, it is an invigorating autumn climate season, "lying" talks to ease. In France, Japan and other countries USA, 7, talks of clay stabilizer rivals, as the Chinese main research institute experts talk about day skills calm conceited, in English and foreign representatives to negotiate the introduction of skills necessary conditions for smooth. The foreign representative of dibon careless invention, in the desulfurization,sulfur recovery, tail gas treatment and other important techniques, controlled by Chinese goods not less than their peers. In the face of a $20000000 contract, they have had to take out my special skill to compete.

              Lying leads "talks" to win. Wolong River desulfurization plant introduced after the project is put into operation,the total yield of sulfur desulfurization, sulfur recovery, tail gas treatment installation of the highest yield was 11 higher than the domestic similar installation. 8%, after the treatment of tail gas in the sulfur content reached the world advanced level in advance.

              In fact, as early as 1964, the day began the Research Institute of natural gas pollution treatment research.Laboratory desulfurization experiments by anthraquinone method, marking the day Research Institute has tonatural gas pollution category first step, is the birthplace of China's natural gas pollution technique. 1965 R & Damine and sulfone amine method of two kinds of desulfurization process, and the completion of our first set ofamine desulfurization installation, resulting in years of accumulated "natural gas pollution and supporting skills by". This technique received the National Science Conference award in 1978.

              Because of the substantial development of sour natural gas, oil and gas field in Sichuan and Chongqing put forward higher request to the desulfurization technique. Days out of a research institute independent research and development and the introduction of a combination of approaches, series of research in natural gasdesulfurization, sulfur recovery and tail gas treatment category, get serious pollution gradually broken, causing a series of suitable skills in Sichuan and Chongqing, a variety of complex conditions and different sulfur contenttemperament characteristics, establish a more perfect system of pollution.

              These techniques for the realization of the Sichuan Chongqing region first domestic natural gas productionincreased rapidly and continuously, become the country's largest natural gas pollution industrial base played an important role. In recent years, Research Institute of Sichuan in the days of completion, Chongqing andSoutheast Sichuan gas mine of hundreds of sets of dry desulfurization installation supply products, achievetongfuchang natural gas pollution plant desulfurization installation with series of skills of project demonstration,allocation plans and loading plan and a series of obligations. The previous day, Research Institute in Southeast Sichuan desulfurization plant built only in accordance with domestic high sulfur gas field development request design, with organic sulfur removal treatment low and high acid natural gas to the pilot installation. This installation with amine desulfurization process as the basic, can imitate Tieshanpo treatment at present,Luojiazhai gas field high sour natural gas, the operation of wide adaptability and have online monitoringfunction for erosion; the natural gas pollution


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