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              The main advantage of the capsule gel breaker in where?

              添加時間:2013/12/30 | 文章錄入:原創 | 文章來源:本站

              At present, the main use of varieties of domestic oil for ammonium persulfate as the core capsule gel breaker,because ammonium sulfate crystals are easy to absorb moisture, our company developed a granulationproduction process, so that my company is currently several domestic only can do one of the annual production of ammonium persulfate and granulation capsule gel breaking agent manufacturers. Is currently the ammonium persulfate capsule gel breaker and annual production of one of the largest production scale.

              The current production trend for high temperature and high pressure, the depth of the oil well, constantly on oilencapsulated breaker high temperature release performance put forward new requirements, common capsulegel breaker has not reached the construction requirements, our company through domestic research capsulegel breaker is the most authoritative fracturing center of Langfang Institute of petroleum and exploration China University of Petroleum of technology, successfully developed high temperature resistant slow-releaseammonium persulfate capsule gel breaker. The peak of the gel breaking effect and temperature time has basically reached the domestic core products, close to the limit of ammonium persulfate caplets.

              On the basis of the unique potassium persulfate core can improve the characteristics of ammonium persulfatehigh temperature stability. Will further improve product performance of temperature.

              In general, our company is currently the capsule gel breaker industry's largest and most powerful technology of special enterprises.


              Because this product is mainly used in oilfield, but the fracturing fluid consists of thousands of kinds of oilfield chemicals, fracturing system specific variety, but also has uniqueness and secrecy ratio fracturing system each,resulting in our product performance parameters in different systems under the table are different, so we provide the product performance parameters only for reference. Now commonly used by oil sales model or oil service company put forward heat and time requirements, we provide the corresponding conditions of several types of samples of the products, service evaluation system by the oil company, according to the evaluation results, we selected a specific type of production.


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